Kampong Chhnang Province

Kampong Chhnang Province (125km)

Taxi Chartered Services (Pay & Go!)

(Phnom Bros - Phnom Srey - Kampong Cham not further)

Vehicle's Model Fuel QTY Fuel Price Add Charge* Drop Off Pickup
#95 T. Camry, Sedan
#98 T. Camry, Sedan 50L $68.00 $20.00 $143.00 $183.00
#98 T. RAV-4, Wagon
#99 H. Starex, Minivan
#95 M. Montero, 4WD
#98 M. Montero, 4WD
#99 M. Montero. 4WD
#99 H. CR-V, Wagon

* Additional Charge : If you are leaving from Phnom Penh to the provinces with the RED star marks* between 12 noon or so, the additional charge of $20.00 for the driver's accommodation will be applicable.

It would be better and save, you should leave from Phnom Penh earlier, but not so early. If so early, let say, starting from 4:00am to 6:30am, then, you will be charged extra of $10.00 for the driver's OT (outside normal working hours).

Usually, the driver's working days is from Monday to Saturday and Working Hours: From 7:00am to 6:00pm.

Using the driver on any SUNDAY and/or on any Official Holidays, you will be requested to pay $10.00 extra.