Rent a Car With Driver

A. Rent A Car With an English speaking Driver

It is very easy! Pay & Go!

Rent a car with and English speaking driver is very simple, no complication and headache. It means that your responsible is nothing, such as:

1. When the car breakdown outside the coverage areas of 50km from Phnom Penh, we will take full responsible to pay for all the related cost of repair and/or towing into Phnom Penh etc…,

 2. Damage of the vehicle(s) caused by the negligent driving of our driver, no Insurance Deductible of $100.00 from you in each of the cases is required,

 3. No deposit of your Passport, and No Refundable Deposit of US$500.00.

 4. But you are requested to pay $100.00 as a refundable deposit for the cost of returning the car back into our office in full tank, since we released you at the first time was in full tank of fuel.

 Since, we are the only one renting out the car with unlimited mileage, the thing to worry is to refill the fuel by yourself.

The quoted price is including the insurance coverage everywhere in the territory of Cambodia and the separate meal and accommodation of the driver. It means that the driverwill stay and take his own three-times meal separately.

B. Driver Information (The Visitor Is Not Applicable)

Working hours: 0700 to 1200 and 1330 to 1800
Working days: Monday to Saturday Extra pay on Sunday and Official Holidays US$ 10.00 per day
Overtime Rate: US$2.00/hour DSA to the province: US$20.00/overnight stay

 C. Public Holidays of the Driver: There are 12 days per year (Article 12th).

 International New Year Day             1 January (1)
Cambodian New Year Day               14 - 16 April (3 days)
National Pchumben Day                  . . . September (3 days)
Water Festival Day                         . . . November (3 days)
Christmas Day                               24 - 25 December (2 days)

D. Payment Mode:
All in cash or Credit Card and in advance plus the refundable deposit of USD500.00.


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