Policy Self drive

Self-drive's Policies

A. Self-drive Information and Responsibility (Extracted From The Vehicle Rental Agreement)

Article 10th
Without Insurance Coverages: It means that you decided to hire a vehicle and drive it by your own risk. You agreed to take full responsible for all unforeseen accident occurs plus all the related payment claim in the exact amount against to the Claim Invoice from the Insurance Company, such as: (1). Third Party Liability (TPL), (2). Own Damage (OD), and (3). Theft.

Article 11th
Insurance Coverages and Insurance Claim Rejection

11.1. Insurance Coverages: It means that you decided to make a new Cambodian Driver's License or you already had one. When you may own a Cambodian Driver's License, you must be out of self-responsibility, in terms of (1). Third Party Liability (TPL), (2). Own Damage (OD), and (3). Theft. But you must pay for the deductible (excess) of $100.00 for each cases, such as: (1). Third Party Liability (TPL), (2). Own Damage (OD), and (3). Theft, and $20% for the loss of and/or stolen of the whole vehicle.

11.2. Insurance Claim Rejections: Insurance Agents might be rejected your accident claim when you are violating to the following:

  1. Traffic Rules and Regulations,
  2. Invalid Cambodian Driver's License,
  3. Under influence of alcohol or drug between 0.40mg to 0.80mg per liter of blood,
  4. Escaped from the spot of accident in order to escape from the responsibility, and
  5. Over speeding of 40km per hour in-town and 100km per hour on the highway.

When the claim is rejected, all the claim amount in US Dollars either to: (1). Third Party Liability (TPL), (2). Damaged of the Third Party's property,  (3). Damages to the hired vehicle(s), and (4). All the related costs will fall under your responsibility.

Article 12th
Accident and Car Breakdown
12.1. There are the following items which be charged against you, if one or more items are damaged to or loss of because of: (1). self-accident or (2). by negligent driving of the Renter and resulted in damage to or loss of any parts of vehicle:

1. Tire(s) 4. Hoot 7. Head lamp(s)
2. Rear/Front bumper 5. Trunk 8. Signal lamp(s) etc . . .
3. Fender 6. Door handle

12.2. In the case of the Rented Vehicle breakdown outside of the coverage areas, the Renter will take full responsibility for all the related costs. If the Renter does not want to involve in the repair's costs, the Renter may get it towed into Phnom Penh and the Renter will pay only for the towing fee, the rest, the Owner will take full responsible.

12.3. When the rented vehicle is broken down, the Renter attempted to get it repaired outside of 50km to the range of Phnom Penh radius without the mutual agreement from the owner, all costs of repairs and the related costs must be paid by the Renter.

12.4. In the case that it is necessary to get repaired, please alert the owner before action taken. In some cases, the owner could give an advice and/or doing the repair's costs negotiation with the garage owner at the site, but all the related costs must be under the responsibility of the Renter.

12.5. If the Renter plans to travel outside of the 50km limitation from Phnom Penh radius, the Renter must inform the Owner and/or bring it to the Owner's garage workshop for doing the general checkup prior the departure on long journey, in order to make sure that the rented vehicle has a complete checkup. This paragraph is applicable to the long-term vehicle renter.

12.6. In the case that the Rented vehicle is broken down either within 50km of the coverage areas to the range of Phnom Penh radius, all costs of repairs and all related costs must be paid by the Owner. But you must let the Owner works on it.

12.7. When the rented vehicle get accident, the Renter/Driver must not move either yourself and the vehicle from the spot of accident. If you moved, the Insurance Company rejects your claim. Then it will fall under your responsibility.


13.1. The Renter has no any responsibility when the driver is included.
13.2. The Lyna-CarRental.Com will take full responsible for the deductible (excess) accident claim of $100.00 for each case, such as: (1). Third Party Liability (TPL), (2). Own Damage (OD), and (3). Theft, and (4). $20% for the loss and/or stolen of the whole vehicle.
13.4. In this case, your responsibility for the rented vehicle(s) is nothing, except paying for the fuel of your rented vehicle(s).

Article 14th

Insurance Deduction/Excess:

14.1. In the event that the vehicle encountered into the accident, the Renter shall pay the deductible amount at the exact rate claims against to each of the below-mentioned cases and/or comply with the Local Insurance Claim Invoice, such as:

14.1.1. Third Party Liability (TPL) = $100.00
14.1.2. Own Damage (OD) = $100.00
14.1.3. Theft = 20 percent of the original value of the rented vehicle(s) and/or according to the value mentioned in the Insurance Certificate. 14.1.4. Always use the extra provide Steering Lock for protection your rented vehicle from stolen.
14.1.5. In the event that the accident caused the Third Party to die, then the Driver/Renter will pay for the Criminal Code Fee in the lump sum between $500.00 to $3,000.00. Thank you!

B. Briefing Notes:

B1. Services Included: (1). Three-risk Insurance Coverage, such as: (1). Third Party Liability (TPL), (2). Own Damage (OD), and (3). Theft, (4). Unlimited Mileage, and (5). Repairs and maintenance.

B2. Services Excluded: Fuel! First, we put you in full tank of fuel and you must return us the same on the last day.

B3. Towing Assistance/Long Distance Assistance:

In case, the car broken down is out side the coverage areas, there is a Road Side Assistance plus Towing Fee extra charge and for further details about the long distance assistance and/or towing fee,

1. 03-05Km $1.00/km 4. 300km $250.00
2. 100km $75.00 5. 400km $350.00
3. 200km $140.00 6. 500km $440.00

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